Wednesday, 03 September 2014  
Israel lobbies U.S. anew as another Iran nuclear deadline looms

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel is lobbying world powers anew against any Iranian nuclear deal that would let Tehran retain potential bomb-making technologies, a senior Israeli official said on Wednesday as another deadline for the international diplomacy loomed.

Peña Nieto pushes on with change

Leader promises a Mexico ‘on the move’ but admits poverty levels have been largely unchanged for 30 years and growth rates were too low


US-EU urge Israel to return West Bank land

Fears that seizure of 1,000 acres will hurt prospects for peace talks and State department concerned construction in Givat Hamatos area could be announced


European Commission: The runners and riders
Isis claims killing of US journalist
West considers football penalty against Putin
US forces attack al-Shabaab in Somalia
Western states debate arming Ukraine
UN urged to intervene against Ebola
Patten accuses UK over Hong Kong reforms
IMF warns Ukraine on cost of crisis
Saudi arrests 88 over ‘imminent attack’
The 2014 Midterms: An Election Without a Cause

Scott Conroy, RCP
GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. -- On a sunny afternoon last week, nostalgia permeated the musty air inside the nearly century-old David & Helen Getman Memorial Home, which remains a fixture of this hardscrabble city that once was home to the nationÂ#146;s glove-making industry.Surrounded by the black-and-white photographs and ancient wallpaper that adorn the assisted-living facilityÂ#146;s walls, Â#147;BowzerÂ#148; Bauman showed off the patented biceps-curl pose he first flashed 45 years ago as part of the 1950s throwback band Sha Na Na. As 15 senior citizens watched quietly from their easy chairs, Bauman -- a co-founder...


Just What Are We Dealing With in ISIS?
Screw Politics, Obama Should Act on Deportations
Obama's "Malaise" Moment
Democrats' 5-Point Campaign Plan for the Fall
Ariz. Governor Race Tightens, But Will That Last?
Overcoming C-suite Leadership Insomnia

Congratulations, you made it to the top! Years of honest hard work, diligence and sincerity have paid off, and now you are either a member of the C-suite or the CEO herself. You have a large organization reporting to you. You have either already met your personal financial goals or are well on the way to doing so. The external trappings of your success (e.g. nice car, house, holidays, and golf memberships) are all too visible - most people would give an arm and a leg to be in your position. In short, you are a leader, you are successful and you should be happy, right?


First Tesla, Now Toyota: States Battle Over Attracting Big Companies
CVS Stops Tobacco Sales Today, Changes Name To Reflect New Era
Why Autodesk Is Investing In The Democratization Of Design
Russia's Business With China Poised To Grow As Politics Strains Ties With The West
Modern Entrepreneurs Need To Learn How To Write

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