Friday, 29 August 2014  
Pentagon says Iraq operations costing on average $7.5 million per day

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. military operations against Islamic State in Iraq have cost an average of $7.5 million per day since they began in mid-June, the Pentagon said on Friday, a figure that means the department may have spent about $500 million since it became involved.

Merkel to push for further penalties on Russia

Germany ready to support extension of sanctions at the summit in Brussels after Nato reported more than 1,000 Russian troops operating inside Ukraine


Obama gaffe reflects divisions on Isis

In an effort to buy political time over taking military action in Syria, Barack Obama has provided easy fodder for critics who say he is indecisive


Eurozone slips a step closer to deflation
Britain raises terror threat level to ‘severe’
Ukraine to push for Nato membership
Brazil slips into recession
India grows at fastest rate in two years
Iraq’s minorities squeezed from homeland
Renzi reform test begins with justice system
Nato to hold emergency Ukraine summit
Japanese economy flounders after VAT hike
Good Grammar Implies Good Taste -- And Competence

Hyundai is spending millions establishing the grammatically incorrect "Live Brilliant" as an accepted part of English usage. Smaller companies with more limited marketing budgets don't have that luxury, and bad grammar can dent your professional brand. Take the time to proofread and catch the typical errors most of us make. I share a few. You can use the comments to add more.


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Apple's iWatch 'Not Shipping Till Early 2015'
How To Watch PAX Prime Live
Apple Officially Sets Sept. 9 Event Date for Product Unveilings

After weeks of rumors about when Apple's latest products would finally be unveiled, including an expected iPhone 6 and maybe even a new iWatch smartwatch, the company has pegged the date as Sept. 9.


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